Be Fierce - Good Morning Inspiration


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New LOVE for Valentine's

So many new things on the way for the new year! I think diamonds, gold and hearts are a great place to start don't you?


Beat The Holiday Rush!



Did you know last year our holiday wait times were 6 weeks or more by Dec 1st??!!



Wonderlust (n) : A strong urge or desire to travel and see the world.

A few months ago My husband and I were experiencing some wonderlust, and decided to take a summer family vacation to Quebec, Ontario, Canada. We started our trip with a 10 and a 1/2 hour drive to Baie St Paul in the north of Quebec on the St Lawrence River.

What Is Boho Style


Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time!

My production times are getting shorter which is great but it leaves me with more time to design new pieces. Now all these pieces are ready and waiting to be listed. Maybe soon I'll have enough time for that too.

Enjoy the sneak peek at new pieces coming your way in the shop or to the wholesale collection soon.

Spring Inspiration

Spring is finally here and although I still have snow on the ground in Barrie, ON, Canada, I'm ready for some spring inspiration! How about you?

Here a just a few things that have me motivated to create, taking cues from nature with textures and colour.

They Found Me At The Oscars


We were thrilled to be a part of the GBK 2013 Oscar Awards celebrity gift lounge in association with The Artisan Group! The preparation was enormous and the amount of time in production for these pieces was daunting but the result was well worth it.

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