The hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries has included one of my custom fine silver necklaces for the character Bonnie this season on their show. I was given the opportunity to submit a design directly to The Vampire Diaries stylist through The Artisan Group, a group of handcrafted artist. Just being given the opportunity was unbelievable but to actually be chosen, was mind blowing!


I knew I wanted to create something sleek and sexy and not too overwhelming for the petite characters on the show. The thought of a moon came to me and I decided to go with it. As I was creating, I knew I wanted some texture on the piece to elevate the simple design. To do that I hammered to front, leaving some gentle "craters" where the oxidization would leave some low lights.

Once the piece was oxidized, I sanded the front to make it shine in the light giving it a gentle glow. It was at this point that I discovered, I really liked the dark look on the back. The oxidization I use leaves natural variances in colour from greys, smokey blues, warm deep browns and black. I gave this a gentle swipe effect leaving a worn scratched look on the back with it's original dark colours intact creating a "dark side" and a "light side." The theme was fitting for the show.


Bonnie Bennett - Played by Katerina Graham 

Once my piece was created and lovingly packaged, it was shipped with many others pieces that would be considered for the show. It was just a few (but agonizing) short weeks later that I received a direct e-mail from the stylist for The Vampire Diaries that they wanted to include my piece. I could hardly contain my excitement!!


The "What Side Are You On" Necklace by 2 Sisters Handcrafted - Created for The Vampire Diaries

Once my piece was chosen, I was notified it would be worn by the character Bonnie Bennett, played by Katerina Graham on this seasons episode 12. I plan to be watching and I hope you will be too!

I would love to hear to hear your thoughts or comments. Will you be watching episode 12?


  Come join me, Colleen, on my journey.


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