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Let's start the new year by getting back to the things some of the things I love to do. I love a good motivational quote to get me through the day, kind of a theme for the day or week. Does it hold much value to my business? Probably not, but it get's me on track for the day and maybe some of these quotes will motivate you too. I hope you enjoy. I hope to post a few a week just like I used too. So check back often. See you soon.

Be firce today!




I now have another granddaughter and would like to add her birthstone to the necklace with 4 birthstones on it. My daughter-in-law Kerry Andersen purchased it for me from you.

Hope to hear from you...


Colleen Johnson

Hi Vi,

Congratulations! Can you please contact me through email so I can get more info please. I'm reachable at two or the direct link on the website under contacts.

Have a great day,
Colleen :)

you stopped doing your favorite thing? but why ? you have very good posts

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