Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time!

My production times are getting shorter which is great but it leaves me with more time to design new pieces. Now all these pieces are ready and waiting to be listed. Maybe soon I'll have enough time for that too.

Enjoy the sneak peek at new pieces coming your way in the shop or to the wholesale collection soon.

Spring Inspiration

Spring is finally here and although I still have snow on the ground in Barrie, ON, Canada, I'm ready for some spring inspiration! How about you?

Here a just a few things that have me motivated to create, taking cues from nature with textures and colour.

It's A New Blog!


I know I've been absent from blogging for quite some time now but check out the new diggs! My new 2 Sisters Handcrafted website has an integrated blog making it easier for me to post everything you may want to know about. Here are some of the things you can look forward too:


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