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Choose the chain style you like best

Choose how many pendants you would like on your completed piece.

Choose any 1 initial or 1 number for childs age for each fingerprint


Handcrafted and personalized fine silver unisex  modern vertical fingerprint necklace with 1-4 fingerprints or thumb prints of children or children and spouse or grandchildren. This rectagular and vertical fingerprint pendant is very weighty and substantial making it a stuning, modern statement piece. This piece includes a fingerprint mold making kit to make your childrens actual fingerprints into heirloom fine silver jewelry. This custom pendant can have one initial stamped on the back per fingerprint and will hang from a beautiful sterling silver chain rolo.


This listing includes:

- one or more finished fingerprints on a modern rectagular border. Choose a smooth or textured border. See photos for samples.

- a fingerprint mold making kit including enough materials for the number of finished prints purchased. See below for detailed lists of what this includes.

- a sterling silver 2.5mm rolo chain. Thick enough to hold the weight but still feminine and pretty OR a 2mm solid sterling silver ball chain for a masculine, modern option.


This kit works best for children 2yrs or older. Younger children may have finer detailed fingerprints and often a thumb print works best. **Once you custom piece is complete your molds will also be sent back to you for safety and peace of mind.**

Once you purchase this listing, a moldable clay fingerprint making kit will be shipped to you. It has been tested and specifically made to be 100% non toxic and safe for use with babies, children, pets and adults. It will include everything you need to make your own fingerprint molds including instructions and a self addressed bubble mailer bag to return your molds to 2 Sisters Handcrafted in. This kit ships on the very next shipping day. There will be no need to wait long for your kit to arrive. Once it does, you can get started making prints and ship it back as soon as they are complete. Once I have your prints back, production time will begin. Current production times are listed in my policy section. Please see the link below.

When I receive your molds, I will use fine silver to fill your molds and make a one of a kind fingerprint pendant with an embedded eye hook in the top to link it to your chain instead of cutting a hole and taking away from the fingerprint design. I will cut the molds and make a modern vertical pendant with extra fine silver as a border to hold the 3 fingerprints together. I do not skimp on silver and will make a 3 dimensional piece for you. The size will be determined by the size of the prints you send me.

It is important to note that all fine silver does shrink by approx 10-12% in the kiln during the firing process. I will not skimp on material but if a tiny fingerprint is sent, you will receive one even smaller still. I recommend using thumb prints for any children under 10 if you would like a larger print. If you adore the look of a teeny tiny fingerprint as I do, then by all means, use whatever finger you like. The little ones used as samples are pointer fingers of an 2 yr old, 4 and 7 yrs old. Please allow for variations in the finished pieces depending on the age and size of the prints you send in. Please note: If your print has waves or is miss shaped in any way, it will show on your finished piece, making it different but still uniquely beautiful. 


** Please read my shop policies before completing your purchase for current production times.**

Thank you

Colleen :)

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