Custom Silver Wax Seal On Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet - Johnson Bracelet


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choose how many times the braided leather should wrap your wrist


Fine silver is hand pressed with as many vintage wax seal monograms needed for a custom bracelet on premium braided leather to wrap your wrist with high fashion and style. Choose as many or as few wax seals as needed for a one of a kind and meaningful piece for you or for that special someone.

This piece includes:

- at least one custom fine silver wax seal monogram or more if chosen (3 wax seals shown on sample)

- sterling silver beads to go between each wax seal and accent the piece

- at least one wrap around the wrist with 3 strands of premium, naturally dyed, braided leather in colour of choice. 2 Wraps around the wrist is an option for a small upgrade (shown with 2 wraps on sample.)

- leather colour of choice, worn denim blue shown also available in natural brown/beige and black

- a strong, sturdy and easy to use stainless steel snap clasp

- sterling silver soldered components for strength and durability

- eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled metals. Bi-product, all naturally dyed, premium leather


How it's made:

Pure precious silver is 99% pure, making it more desirable and more expensive that sterling silver. It will also be much thicker than sterling giving it a beautiful wearable weight. Because it's so thick, it's work far more than some of the other pendants you may see. It starts as a clay that can be molded, stamped and textured in any way imaginable. I roll the clay and weigh it for a uniform size. Then I press a vintage inspired wax seal stamped into the clay and let it do what it wants. No 2 pieces will ever be the same. It will be perfectly imperfect with raw edges and a rustic, old world feel with texture lines. I then let it dry, sand it to smoothness, and fire in a kiln for approx 3 hours. Once fired, it is solid 99% pure silver. I then wire brush it, file and sand it some more and when I'm happy with the texture I oxidize the piece to leave dark in the low areas and to highlight the high areas. Finally it goes in a tumbler for a final glimmering polish and to add extra strength. Long process, Yes. But sooooo worth it!!

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