Fine Silver The Vampire Diaries Crescent Moon Necklace Personalized With Initials - Worn By Bonnie On Season 4 Episode 12


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 The "What Side Are You On" personalized fine silver large skinny and sexy crescent moon necklace was sent to the stylist at the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries, and was worn by Bonnie on episode 12 of season 4 and is now available to you.** This piece is reversable and can be worn on the light polished hammered side or worn on the gunmetal dark finish side depending on your mood. Sleek and sexy. Stunning as is or can be personalized with a tiny initial or as a couple necklace with 2 initials in the format of "C+J".

How it's made:
Pure precious silver is 99.9% pure, making it more desireable and more expensive that sterling silver. It will also be much thicker than sterling giving it a beautiful wearable weight. It starts as a clay that can be molded, stamped and textured in any way imagineable. I roll the clay and weigh it for a uniform size. This piece is hand cut for a skinny crescent moon shape and after it's fired measures approx 1 3/4" long. No 2 pieces will ever be the same. It will be perfectly imperfect with raw edges and a rustic, old world feel with texture lines. I then let it dry, sand it to smoothness, and fire in a kiln for approx 3 hours. Once fired, it is solid 99.9% pure silver. I then wire brush it, file and sand it some more and when I'm happy with the texture I oxidize the piece. The "light" side has been hammered to represent the crevaces of the moon thenoxidize and polished to leave some low light areas and a beautiful smoth shiny finish. The back has been left smooth and the gunmetal "dark" side has been left as is giving you a dark alternative for when the mood strikes you. Finally it is tumbled for 2 hours to give it it's final stregth and shine.

In the message to seller section at checkout please tell me the following:
- what initial(s) would you like stamped if any and on what side
- would you like a sterling silver ball chain or cable chain
- would you like a 16" or 18" chain

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Colleen :)
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